Prison Law (Private)

We provide legal aid services in Prison Law. Prison Law matters are dealt with by our criminal law department and our lawyers and caseworkers have considerable experience in cases relating to prison law and prisoners’ rights. Our Prison law practice covers the areas listed below:

  • Adjudications    £4,000
  • Cat ‘A’ Reviews  £2,500
  • Categorisation   £2,000
  • Appeals And Review  £4,000
  • Home Detention Curfew   £2,500
  • Human Rights Issues  £2,500
  • IPP & Extended Sentences   £4,000
  • Judicial Reviews (Legal Aid available)  £5,000 – £15,000 (CFA Agreement possible)
  • Licence Conditions   £2,500
  • Parole Applications/Parole Board Hearings   £4,000
  • Disciplinary Adjudication   £2,500
  • Recall   £2,500
  • Release On Temporary Licence    £2,500
  • Sentence Calculation  £1,000
  • Tariff Review   £1,500
  • Transfers   £1,500

These fees exclude court fees, counsel’s fees and VAT.

Whether you are a prisoner in need of legal advice and assistance or a relative of a person in prison who requires our assistance, kindly contact us. Our expert lawyers are willing to provide advice and assistance where we are satisfied that you meet the financial eligibility test and pass the sufficient benefit test for prison law matters funded Privately.